Tuesday, March 8, 2011


AT 6.30am James got a call from a neighbour who said a cat had been run over that looked like his. A blearey eyed James staggered over the road and identified said cat and sadly dug a hole in the garden under a shady tree and said farewell to a beloved but very stiff family pet (with a sprinkling of petals and twig gravestone... you get the picture). This made him half an hour late for work.

Later that day he got a call from his wife to say that she had just arrived home to be greeted by the family cat! Spooky. (The cat is not called Spooky...it was just spooky!). It turns out that it was not in fact James' cat that he buried... but a similar looking mog belonging to a neighbour! (The neighbour did not see the funny side!) James needs to make up the half an hour for being late now.

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